Thursday, August 1, 2013

Exotic Rose Tattoos

Each woman has her own unique personality and there is no universal reason as to why flowers evoke such positive reactions from them.Rose is the most deeply ingrained and attractive flower for any women.

As mentioned by George Barlow in his quote,
"Which is loveliest in a Rose? It's coy beauty when its budding or its splendor when it blows?"

Rose spread its smell and tells the world about love .

There are several types of rose tattoos designs that you can have painted onto your body that have many different meanings. When choosing your rose tattoo designs you need to consider the color, the size, the placement of the tattoo and how it will look in the future.

Here are some unique collection of Rose Tattoos.

1. Red Rose Tattoo:

Red roses speaks of love silently in a language known only to the heart. They mean love, romantic love, and respect. It is accompanied by a name, showing timeless love for a person.A thorned red rose is more of a reminder that love hurts and that love does not come without certain sacrifices.

2. Yellow Rose Tattoo:

Yellow roses can have a number of different meanings but generally it implies friendship and happiness.Historically it meant jealousy but the more modern interpretation of yellow rose tattoo signifies a declaration of love, friendship, gladness, happiness, joy, and devotion.

3. Pink Rose Tattoo:

Pink rose tattoos are symbols of grace, elegance, gentleness and sweetness. Deep pink roses are noted as saying 'Thank you' while light pink roses are known to represent happiness and fun.

4. White Rose Tattoo:

Unlike other tattoos, white rose tattoo is much rarely used as it does not show up on the skin. But still it has its own significance of representing eternal love, innocence, purity or secrecy.White rose tattoos are also used to express Virginity and Simplicity.

The stage of the rose bloom also carries some meaning. Buds symbolize youth or new beginnings.Flowers newly opened represent the prime of life.Flowers fully opened signal maturity.Blooms shedding petals signify an ending or loss of innocence.

5. Blue Rose Tattoo:

In real, blue roses are not found in nature.But they are man-made through the use of dyes. Hence Blue rose tattoos signify the impossible.Blue roses represent the unattainable and fantasy .They also indicate the hope for a miracle and new possibilities to come.

6. Black Rose Tattoo:

Black rose tattoos are very much similar to blue roses as they do not exist naturally. It is a sign of sadness and mourning representing death, loss, a final farewell or that a relationship has ended.They are more considered to be a symbol of memory.

7. Orange Rose Tattoo:

Orange roses are a representation for enthusiasm, excitement and fascination for life.They signify energy and desire. The color orange can also be used to convey pride in an accomplishment.

8. Purple Rose Tattoo:

Purple roses are for enchantment and for love at first sight.Lavender roses symbolize falling in love; however, most people choosing this color do so because of their general liking of the color rather than to represent such a temporary and uncertain state in a relationship. Lavender roses are also symbolic of enchantment and make wonderful additions to any unicorn, fairy or magical tattoo design.

9. Peach Rose Tattoo:

Peach rose tattoos symbolize sincerity, gratitude, appreciation, admiration and sympathy.Light peach roses convey modesty and friendship.

10. Green Rose Tattoo:

The green rose, though fairly rare, is a beautiful sight.Green rose tattoos are signs of good health and abundance.The most popular meaning of the green rose is that of fertility, because the color green itself symbolizes nature, life, and abundant growth. The green rose also represents a sense of calm and tranquility as psychologists believe that green brings about a sense of balance, stability and peace to the mind. The green rose also symbolizes luck.

Few Interesting facts about Rose Tattoos:

When two or more roses of different colors are tattooed together, it generally takes their individual meanings.

White + Yellow Roses = Harmony

Red + Yellow Roses = Message of happiness and celebration

Red + White Roses = An indication of bonding and harmony ,unity

Pink + Red Roses = Passion and romance

Yellow + Orange = Passionate thoughts

A further customization of rose tattoos is the number of roses in a tattoo.The number of roses can be actually associated with the meaning of receiving flowers.

1 Rose = Devotion to one person

2 Roses = Feelings of love and affection between two people

3 Roses = I love you

6 Roses = I miss you

7 Roses = Infatuation

9 Roses = Together forever

10 Roses = Perfect love

12 Roses = Declaration of love and appreciation

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